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Tanggal bergabung: Apr 3, 2011. Jumlah penawaran: 66. Jumlah komentar: 48. Kontribusi info harga: 2
beli sabut kelapa dan draft kontrak dari buyer china
 Aug 24, 2011 19:20:58
BELI SABUT KELAPA (coco fiber)

selamat malam rekan rekan agromaret!!

salah satu perusahaan dari china ingin membeli sabut kelapa dengan spesifikasi sbb: saya tampilkan asli emailnya, karena saya tidak mengerti tentang sabut kelapa,.


Dear CEO,

Our company is in an urgent need of ordering coconut fiber for our business .If you can manufacture this kind of product, you can contact us as soon as possible. Following is an inquiry concerning details of these products:

Coconut fibre

Color: golden brown (natural)

Length: minimum 10cm-30 cm

Impurities: below 5%

Humidity: below 15%-22%

Package: 120kg / bag

Quantity: 3000MT

Terms of Delivery: EURO FOB ( seller's port)

It will be appreciated that if you can quote us the best price of the above products.

jika ada rekana-rekan yg punya / bisa menyediakan komoditi seperti ini mungkin kita bisa bekerjasama, terimakasih. hub.
atau tlp 0821 47 363 202

salam agromaret

Berikut ini adalah draft kontrak yg ditawarkan:

> Dear Jemi,
> Now I am sending the contract draft for you reference. Please find a
> enclosed file. If you have any question about it, please feel free to let us
> know. If no, we hope that you can come to China to sign the formal contract
> as soon as possible. We hope that we can enter into trade relation in this
> matter.
> Waiting to hear from you soon.
> Best wishes!
> Jack

Purchase Contract (Draft)
Contract NO.:HKCF0923
Signed at: Zhuhai city,China
The Buyer: HD.
Address: No. 6, Garden Road, Zhuhai City
Tel: 0086-4006684
Fax: 0086-756-6210

The Seller:

本合同由双方订立, 根据本合同规定的条款, 买方同意购买, 卖方同意出售下述商品:
This contract is made by and between the Buyer and the Seller, whereby the Buyer agrees to buy and the Seller agrees to sell the under-mentioned commodity according to the terms and conditions stipulated below.
Name of Commodity: Coconut fiber
Specifications: Color: brown natural
Length: 7cm Ė 20cm
Impurities: below 5%
Humidity: below 18%
Unit Price: Euro. 226/ MT FOB Sellerís Port
Quantity: 3000 M/T
二:包装:每袋120公斤(允许5% 的溢短装)
Packing:120kg to a bag(allow 5% more or less)
Time of shipment: complete the delivery within 2 years after signing the contract, allowing partial shipments and transshipment.
四:装运港: 卖方港口
Place of Loading:Sellerís Port
Port of Destination: Hong Kong Port, China
Insurance:The Buyer shall cover for 100 percent of the contracted value against all risks.
Shipping Documents:
1) 通知买方已签署商业发票一式四份,注明合约号码,信用证号.
Signed commercial invoice in quadruplicate indicating contract number and L/C No.
2) 装箱单/重量单一式三份, 注明每件包装的毛重, 尺码和装箱条件。
Packing list in triplicate indicating quantity/gross and net weight of each package
3) 制造厂签发的质量, 数量证明书三份.
Product technical data sheets and quantity issued by the Seller in triplicate.
4) 原产地证一式二份。
Certificate of origin in duplicate.
Terms of Payment:
The buyer shall prepay 50% deposit by T/T within 30 working days after the effect of Sales Contract is taken.
Final 50% payment shall be pay by irrevocable L/C within a week on receipt of the notification that The Products are ready for dispatch.

Guarantee of quality. The Seller shall guarantee that the commodity hereof is made of the best materials with first class workmanship, brand new, unused and complies in all respects with the quality and specification stipulated in the contract.
Inspection and claims:Within 30 days after the goods reach the port of destination, the goods will be inspected by an international surveillance company (the name to be determined during meeting): and should the quality, specification, quantity be found not in conformity with the stipulation of the contract and standard product technical data sheets, except those claims for which the insurance company or the owners of vessel are liable, the surveillance company shall, on the strength of the authorization given by both parties, has the right to claim for replacement with new goods within one month. As regards quality, the Seller shall guarantee that if within the guarantee period, damages occur in the course of operation by reason of inferior quality, bad workmanship or the use of inferior materials. The Buyer shall immediately notify the Seller in writing and put forward a claim supported by inspection certificate issued by CIQ. The certificate so issued shall be accepted as the basis of a claim. The Seller, In accordance with the Buyerís claim shall be responsible for the immediate elimination of the defect(s). Where necessary and only after receipt of Sellerís approval, the Buyer shall be at liberty to eliminate the defect themselves at the Sellerís expenses and with the Sellerís consent. If the Seller fail to answer the Buyer within one month after receipt of the aforesaid claim, the claim shall be reckon as having been accepted by the Seller
Delayed delivery and penalty:Should the Seller fail to make delivery on time as stipulated in the contract, with exception of Force Majeure causes specified in clause 14 of this contract, the Buyer shall agree to postpone the delivery on condition that the Seller agrees to pay a penalty which shall be deducted by the paying bank from the payment under negotiation. The penalty, however, shall not exceed 5 % of the total value of the contract. The rate of penalty is charged at 0.5% per week calculated on the amount of the current delivery of the goods involved in the late delivery. For every seven days or days less than seven days should be counted as seven days. In case the Seller fails to deliver ten weeks later than the time of shipment stipulated in the contract, the Buyer shall have the right to cancel the contract and the Seller in spite of the cancellation, shall still pay the aforesaid penalty to the Buyer without delay.
十二:不可抗力:凡在制造或装船运输过程中,因不可抗力(地震,水灾)致使卖方不能或推迟交货时,卖方不负责任。在发生上述情况时,卖方应立即通知买方,并在10天内,给买方特快专递一份由政府主管当局签发的事 故证明书。在此情况下,卖方仍有责任采取一切必要措施加快交货。

Force Majeure: The Seller shall not be responsible for the delay of shipment or non-delivery of the goods due to Force Majeure(earthquake, flood ), which might occur during the process of manufacturing or in the course of loading or transit. The Seller shall advise the Buyer immediately of the occurrence mentioned above and within 10 days thereafter the Seller shall send a notice by courier to the Buyer for their acceptance of a certificate of the accident issued by the competent Government Authorities under whose jurisdiction the accident occurs as evidence thereof. Under such circumstances the Seller, however, are still under the obligation to take all necessary measures to hasten the delivery of the goods.
十三. 仲裁:一切因执行本合同所发生与本合同有关之争执,双方应友好协商解决。如双方协商不能解决时,此争执应提交合同签订地所在法院裁决。
Arbitration: All disputes in connection with this contract or the execution thereof shall be amicably settled through negotiation. In case no settlement can be reached between the two parties, the case under dispute shall be submitted to the Court where the parties signed the contract for arbitration.
十四. 公证事项:公证本合同之费用是总金额的千分之六(Euro 678,000.00*0.006),买卖双方各承担一半。你方应付的费用是Euro 2034。
Terms of Payment: The charge of notary 0.6% (Euro 678,000.00*0.006), both parties bear half .You need to pay
Euro 2034.
The contract will take into effect after being signed by both parties and notarized.
十六:备注: 本合同正本两份, 采用中, 英文书写. 假设有任何差异以英文为准。签字后, 买卖双方各持有一份。
Remarks:The contract is made out in two originals in both Chinese and English .In case of any discrepancies, the English version shall prevail. After signing the contract, both parties each hold an original.

The Buyer: HTED
Signed by: (Seal)

The Seller:
签字:(盖章)Signed by: (Seal)

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Komentar Anggota
kosod riyadi, 2011-08-15 11:44:40
saya siap menyediakan pak.....hubungi nomor ini 083874346443
budi waluyo, 2011-08-16 21:06:50
saya siap menyediakan berapapun jumlah yang anda inginkan,budi 081904634220
astra livia, 2011-08-20 12:41:57
saya juga punya gan & saya siap mengoprasikan mesin yg lbh hesar kalo di perlukan.
kab pacitan
Agus Sasnizar, ST, 2011-08-25 20:27:33
di dusun saya banyak sekali serabut kelapa yg tidak dipakai
apabila ada yg bisa dan mau bekerjasama dengan saya, saya bisa mensupply serabut kelapanya saja yg belum diolah.
0817 486 5099
wahyu, 2011-09-01 13:02:25
kami bisa menyediakan dlm jumlah Ton per harinya. silahkan hub kami untuk keterangannya. Hp:085796469131
Surono, 2012-01-12 12:10:35
Harga tidak kompetitif nih. 678000 Euro/3000 sama dengan 226 Euro per MT. kalau di kurs cuma sekitar 2650 rupiah per kilo.

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willyrahman, 2012-01-20 00:02:27
buat pak jemi saya ingin menawarkan kerja sama di bidang industri sabut kelapa ini ..dikampung saya cukup banyak sekali sabut kelapa terbuang ad 5 ton perhari nya yang tidak ter olah ,jika pak jemi berminat silakan contak 081375059564 ada 4 pulau yang disia sia kan oleh masyarakat setempat trims
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